Guardianship of a Disabled Dependent Adult

Buffalo Grove Adult Guardianship Lawyers


When the person in need of guardianship is a disabled dependent adult, the court will look at guardianship differently from an Illinois minor-guardianship case.

First, the need for guardianship must be established. The person in question may or may not agree to such guardianship. Therefore, examination of the person and evaluations by physicians may be required.

Second, assuming that a guardianship is appropriate, the court may bifurcate guardianship of the person from that of his or her assets or estate. It is possible that two different persons will be in charge of the person and his or her finances. While this is also the case with minors, it is more likely with a disabled dependent adult.

Third, the court will then look to what is in the best interest of the person in need of guardianship to determine who to appoint as the guardian. It is possible that the person in questions has executed a document naming a potential guardian. This can be done as part of a power of attorney for health care.

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