Estate Planning FAQ – What to bring?

What should I bring to the Initial Estate Planning Meeting?

At Waltz, Palmer & Dawson, LLC, we believe that personal service and attention to detail are crucial factors in preparing an estate plan that reflects the goals and family structure of the individual client. Because of that, our estate planning attorneys spend time at the initial meeting getting to know the potential client.  Initial estate planning meetings are held without charge.

In order to utilize our time at the initial meeting most effectively, estate planning clients are asked to complete an Estate Planning Worksheet, to the best of their ability, and return it to us before the meeting, or bring it to the initial meeting. Information gathered on this worksheet includes family information, asset information, and questions regarding your concerns and priorities.  By having this information prior to, or at the time of the initial meeting, the attorney can focus the discussion on those matters that are most important to the potential client.

It is also helpful if you give some thought as to who would you want to help you make decisions and manage your financial affairs if you need help as you age, and how you would like your assets to be distributed following your death.

We do not expect you to have everything figured out before you step into our office.  In fact, that is why you are coming to us – so we can talk with you to learn what is important to you and what you want for yourself during your lifetime, and for your family or other beneficiaries following your death. We will walk you through the decisions to be made and make recommendations as to how you can accomplish your goals.  You may even want to start preparing a “personal mission statement” for yourself and your family.  It can be a legacy that will last through generations of your family.  And, who knows…you may even find out a little about yourself in the process.

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